Why are Websites Important to Small Businesses?

Why are websites important to a business like mine? That’s a question that many small business owners ask. They assume that because their business is small it doesn’t need an online presence. It’s not that they don’t know that websites are important. They just don’t know why. It’s important to know why websites are so vital to business. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. There are 3.2 billion people online in the world. Of those people, at least some of them will see your website if you practice good SEO. So let’s answer the question “why are websites important”.

Why are Websites Important to Your Small Business?

With so many people out there in the world surfing the internet, it only makes sense to have an online presence. Even if your business is mostly an in-person affair, remember this: almost every single person you interact with has some sort of online presence, and so do their friends. That means if people want to find you quickly, or a friend wants to follow up on a recommendation, they’ll more than likely begin with an internet search or preferably a web address on a business card. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out.

Increase Credibility

These days, if a business doesn’t have a website, people don’t trust it. We live in the information age. If a company doesn’t have a website, people assume it’s either some sort of scam operation or it’s a subpar organization. Neither of which may be true. However, perception is reality, and consumer reception is your bottom line. Having an attractive website helps to immediately validate your company in a person’s mind.

Constant Commerce

A brick and mortar company can only sell products or take orders for service during their business hours. When a company has a website with an online storefront or contact page, it allows for 24/7 access to their product or service. In an age where the internet makes it possible for consumers to get whatever they want whenever they want, making ever aspect of your business easily accessible to them is key. Basically, the more people can see your business and interact with it immediately, the more conversions you may get.

Your Competition Has Them

At this point, almost every business has a website. If you don’t, you’re already losing out on market share, visibility, and credibility. In 2018, 64% of small businesses had websites. That number is projected to continually increase with no stop in sight. It only makes sense. The internet is here to stay. To stay competitive, you need a website. Without one, you fall further and further behind, while your competition fills its website with products, testimonials, and even a blog to give consumers valuable information.

Ease of Access

We live in a “give it to me now” world. This culture of getting it exactly when we want it is almost the only answer to “why are websites important” that a business needs. It’s so much easier for a potential customer to visit a website than to grab a phone book or look up an address. With a website, they simply have to search the subject or your business if your word of mouth game is strong. That easy access immediately gives you an extra edge.

Why are Websites Important? They’re the Lifeblood of Business

Why are websites important to your small business? They’re the present and the future. If your business doesn’t have a webs presence, you’re missing out on a huge section of the marketplace, losing credibility, and giving your competition an edge that they shouldn’t have. Business is hard enough. There’s no need to make it harder by not moving forward with the times.

Now that we’ve answered the question “why are websites important”, get out there and find a great web designer to help you create the website your company deserves. You’ll be adding incredible value to both your company and your consumer.


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